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Hey, I lost a black pen to the Scavenger Hunt. "We'll bring it right back to you, sir." Crickets chirping hours later... no pen.
People who leave their rugrats in the adult pool hoping that some responsible adult will surely supervise them.
Parents who bring their young teens to the adult comedy shows.
People who order an extra entree and only eat a couple of bites of it.
Adults who buy a bucket o' beer and proceed to give it to their underage friends.
The way the Newlywed Game has become choreographed.
People who leave their stateroom doors open to let everyone view their own little personal pig sty.
Children at the dessert bar. They tend to fill things a little over the normal proportions.
By the way, if someone is not with their lounge chair and they leave their towel... Pick up the towel and turn it in to a cabin steward. The offending party will have to pay a $22 fine.
So many pet peeves... not enough time.