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just wondered if anyone has had any experiences due to idiots whilst on a cruise.Bearing in mind that it was only the third sailing of the brand new emerald princess, I was shocked when exploring the ship during the first day on board and looked into a laundry room where the washing machines and ironing boards are and saw that three out of the four ironing boards had burn marks on the covers some all the way through in 2 places on the ironing board ...and then looking in a couple of laundry rooms on other floors ...saw the same thing had happened as well.

The irons have a timer on them so not too much damage can be done but blimey there must be some really stupid people onboard to leave irons face down on an ironing board..would they do this at home ...I don't know...but on a brand new ship !!..ironing board covers are not that expensive to replace ( and princess did replace them during the cruise ) but all costs add up.

Just wondered if anyone else had any experiences of idiots whilst on board but don't mention drunks...thats too easy.
ps apart from that had a fantastic cruise on the emerald princess.