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I am sooo glad I found this forum last night- it has already been so helpful! Here's the problem I'm stressing about- I am cruising for the first time on the Ecstacy June 17. We're going with a big group for my friend's wedding. I live in Missouri, but was born in Louisiana- so I sent off for a certified copy of my b.c. the beginning of April. Kept waiting and waiting and calling Vitalchek- they just said it's out of their hands cause it was already sent to the state. So I called just about every health dept in Louisiana- and all of them tell me that due to Hurricane Katrina, they cannot issue birth certificates to anyone born before 1985, as all those records were stored in New Orleans and the building was destroyed. They told me that they are issuing certified (with a raised seal) birth cards instead for at least 6 more months until they can get everything restored. So I called Carnival to check- they said absolutely not- they cannot accept birth cards at all. After talking to the ladies at the health dept again (who assured me that they WILL accept it), I called Carnival back and asked for a supervisor. I explained the situation- was put on hold for a long time so I know it was discussed- and he said that yes- at this time they will only accept certified birth cards from Louisiana due to katrina- as long as it is definitely certified. I felt relieved- but then last night my travel agent called me and said she spoke to carnival and they told her it would NOT be accepted!! I am sooooo stressed, as we leave in a week and two days!! Has anyone else run into this problem?? I don't have an original copy of my bc anywhere, and cannot even get one for at least another 6 months!!