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For years, we have tried to avoid the hassles of that last morning and disembarkation. It never made any sense to us that folks would park themselves in some uncomfortable crowded place, and just sit (of stand) for what can be hours. Since we almost always do our own air, we finally learned to book later flights (usually in the early afternoon) and just relax. Now, when everyone is crowding in a public area, we usually will go up to the pool deck and sit in a comfy deck chair with our books. We usually save some drinks and snacks (from breakfast) and just relax. Than, after just about everyone has left the ship, we simply walk off the ship, grab our luggage (easy to find since most of the luggage is gone) and grab a taxi to the airport, pick up our rental car, etc. Although we qualify for priority disembarkation on some lines, we still follow our slow process. We figure that since we love being on ships, why rush off and fight all the crowds.