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The drink prices in NCL have really gone up from my last trip a year ago.
All the good specials on drinks beer buckets, cocktails in the cheap plastic mugs allot of these value packages had gone, asked the staff they said new boss for the hotel side, lots of fancy ideas, but less value than my trips in 2004 and 2005.
If you have bottles in your luggage they will check your baggage’s and more than likely will take the bottles to return to you at end of cruise.
What to care on use wine in a box bags for your drinks.
From what my friends say that cruise a variety of companies NCL was good value for drinks in the past but not any more. Call up the different cruise lines and check; always get in writing as what the call centers say and what happens on the ship are 2 different things.

Originally posted by Paul & Darryl:
Hi All:

All should be set now hopefully and I should be booking this week after final vacation clearance from my boss for 9/30/06 on the Spirit. (I hope I'm going, otherwise I'll have to amend my little cruisemag countdown timer).

Anyway, I've been told various things by folks that have traveled other lines about alcohol in bottles but here's my question about NCL specifically.

Can you get room service to bring you a whole bottle of something for consumption onboard? I know they don't allow you to bring your own and I am not the type of person that would hide liquor under the guise of Listerine like many have suggested.

Has anyone ever ordered a bottle before? There will be three of us, we all like Gin & Tonic and thought it'd be a great thing to not have to pay for every drink. Plus, I like mixing my own! I’m quite sure we’d hardly touch the whole bottle but still figured it’d be more cost-effective this way.

I wonder if there is any hope of getting Bombay Sapphire.

Thanks for your help!