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Here we go again!!! Dave is right, the media sure does love to glam onto this topic. Spritfilled, your best defense is to wash your hamds, wash your hands, wash your hands!! However if you put this whole issue in perspective, it is not something to worry about. With a combined passenger and crew load of about 5000 people, the outbreak affected less than 10% of the total population. That is NOTHING compared to how rampantly the flu runs through a school. It is after all flu season and as a former teacher if 2 students out of a class of 20 (10%) were absent on any given day -it would be business as usual and no one would bat an eye. The only reason this makes the news is because cruise ships are the only place where it is required by law to report these outbreaks. Schools, malls, churches, hotels, airports or any place else that large numbers of people congregate do not report these outbreaks. It is most likely one of these venues was where the virus was picked up and then brought on board by a person who is already ill but doesn't want to miss out on their vacation. So, once again I reiterate, I wouldn't concern myself - but wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands!! (Not that I have an opinion or anything - VBG)

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