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We just got back from the Liberty of the Seas (march 1). The flowrider also had open hours for surfers at 8:15 a.m. with virtually no line, but less assistance from the staff--only one person up there, so you had to observe, ask and give it a try. My daughter e-mails with one of the activities staff and he indicated that they had rough weather last week, and even missed a port and so the flowrider was open extended hours to kind of make up for some disappointments elsewhere. This is a popular feature. My advice? Get on board, have something to eat and head there and get a few turns in before muster drill. Shortest lines of the whole cruise. Also late afternoon was a good time to head over, people headed back to cabins to get ready for early seating dinner. we had a cool windy day. People didn't want to stand in line wet and the lines were maybe 5-6 people. Ladies will want a 1 piece suit or a tank over their bikini. The force of water can move clothing around in a most disconcerting fashion.
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