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Originally posted by
Were you are that cruise?

I never said NCL was responsible for any natural
disasters. I'm saying they are negligent. They are responsible for not disclosing information. Re: Damage to the ship
Disclosing this information should have been given to Travel Agencies so they could give the chance to their customers to make changes, to go at a later date.
To add to my earlier response, the Pride of Hawaii hadn't entangled it's propellers with the buoy chain until it left Honolulu, on your cruise. There wasn't anything to report to travel agents before you boarding the ship, because at that time, there was nothing wrong!
During the prolonged stay at Maui NCL untangled the buoy chain. So everything was again okay before the ship started its next cruise. Again, there was nothing broken to report to Travel Agents.
As for transportation, why do you consider its NCL's job? You had access to land via the pier, where taxis and rent-a-car services were available.
As for excursions, we all know NCL contracts them out months in advance to private contractors. I don't think anyone could predict months in advance when an earthquake will happen, nor predict when the ship will get entangled with a buoy.

I'm sorry your cruise didn't go to every port, and there was a prolonged stay in Maui.