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Do you like snorkeling/diving? Bonaire is one of the best places to snorkel/dive. We have been there 3 times, twice we took the Mushi/Mushi catamaran sail/snorkel. Fantastic crew, awesome snorkeling, great catamaran. We did a tour of the island, the first time we were there. We just grabbed a cab. Not much to see, but it was a nice afternoon. It's a very clean island. We've been to Aruba a few times as well. The last time we were there, we just took a cab to Plam Beach. It was a very nice, clean beach. There was a pier with a bar/restaurant. We rented some chairs and spent a few hours there. There's plenty of shopping near the port and plenty of "Americanized" bars/restaurants, like Carlos 'n Charlies, too. We've also done a couple of snorkels which were nice, they took us to a sunken tug and there were some turtles, too. In Curacao there is some great shopping, good snorkeling, and the Curacao distillery (which I really liked-yummy samples). You can use your "Find" feature in the upper left hand corner, and type in your ports. It will pull up all the posts made about them. You might find something that is interesting to you. Hope this helps some!