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Originally posted by Dave Beers:
I just looked at the Pearl deck plans on the NCL website. They don't show the self-service laundries.
They are not labeled as such on the NCL site. But, keep in mind, the self-service laundries are being eliminated. I doubt they had already done so on the Pearl, however.

Most (if not all) of the NCL ships have laundry specials throughout the cruise. It is usually $20 for everything you can stuff into an NCL laundry bag (and you can get a lot into one of those bags!). It comes back in a day or two, folded and ready to wear.

It comes down to this: Do you want to spend $20 and have someone else do your laundry? Or, do you want to spend your vacation hunting down a self-service laundry, wait until a machine is available, come back when the wash cycle is finished, put it in the dryer and, finally, return later to fold, etc.? If you are not there when the cycle ends, you may find your laundry piled on a table because someone else wanted your machine.

I have used the self-service laundries on the Jewel and the Pearl and they were very nice. Everything was labeled and still people did not follow instructions. They used hand soap in the machines which caused excessive suds - thus ruining the machines for the following user. I'm sure NCL is removing them because of misuse - not because they were unpopular.