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I read about this on a news website. A US couple, got off a med cruise, and were at a train station. A man who was in his 50's, befriended them. After a while, the man offered to buy the couple a coffee, and they accepted. The man had drugged the coffee, and the couple fell asleep and where robbed. Then the man woke up, and was still incoherent, and bewildered and instead of walking to the train platform, he walked into a train and was killed. How sad... I was also watching a show , called "Ultimate Tourist Scams". This man was on a train, and a younger lady sat next to him, and they started chatting. She offered him a tasty treat, that was drugged. He fell asleep, and was also robbed. I have only ever had one attempt at robbery to me, I was in Milan. These two women distracted us with a newspaper in our face, while another person tried to get into our purse. I cocked my fist back and screamed, and they ran off. I think it's sad, that we have to be so skeptical of a person's kindness, but you never know. Has anyone ever seen that show, "Ultimate Tourist Scams". It is very eye opening. Lil' Lori

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