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I am wanting to plan a Europe cruise for my daughter's 21st birthday. It won't be until 2011 but I am getting the cruise bug again and like to plan, day dream, etc....

We have been on Carnival and Royal several times but always in the Caribbean. We live in Georgia by the way. So planning something new is confusing but exciting.

Naturally, we would need airfare and a hotel the night before. Do not want to risk missing the ship by flying in on the same day.

My questions are:
1. Is there a certain cruise line that is better for cruising Europe? I know that everyone has their favorites, but there are a lot of cruse lines out there: Costa, Celebrity, etc...

2. Are there cruises that include airfare and a hotel? Not sure if it is better to book the airfare separately or not?

3. Any suggestions on the itinerary?

Since I have not been on most of the cruise lines out there, I don't really have a preference. We usually get a balcony room but would be interested in moving to a suite if the price was reasonable.

Thanks in advance for any information that can be shared. I am totally flying blind on this one and could use some help.