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hey i was 17 sooooooooooo long ago. (6 days ago) anyway im going on my 10th cruise this aug and 11th this dec. as an experienced teen cruiser, i can tell u that u will have the time of ur life. a cruise will exceed all and any expectations u have of it. u will be sad to leave on the last day. u will make tons of friends. walkie talkies are pointless. u wont wanna carry them around. and u are 17 ur parents should trust u by now (unless u have a rep. lol) besides, u guys dont need to know where each other is at all times. thats the best part of a cruise, freedom. if u need to meet up somewhere (like back at the room for dinner or before and early excursion) just set a time and place to meet. no biggy. any more questions just pm me.