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Hmmmm, 31 cruises on Royal Caribbean ships and never had even one fly in my food. Never had raw sausages either. Always had towels, because pool towels are in my room. Service I've experienced always had a friendly personal touch. Pools are generally over crowded, but I've gotten over that. They must have lost one of their pools, because the last time I was on the Jewel there were two pools, unless the solarium pool doesn't count. Does a person really think security doesn't know when a bottle of wine goes through the scanner? Could be they are cutting a little slack to make a few passengers happy. I might even call that a "personal touch". Then again, I wouldn't spend my money on a cruise if I were to look for picky little faults. I really wouldn't pay to much attention to anyone who thinks Carnival Miracle is the best without being on something like the Freedom or any of the Voyager class ships. I'm glad people like that don't sail on the ships that I love.