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For perspective on "junk" watches...

I've purchased Fossil watches on RCI cruises. Not terribly expensive but still not junk. On the Oasis they sell Omega, Tag-Heuer, and other high end brands.

We try to not over-moderate posts, even when they are filled with inaccuracies and hyperbole. It is user opinion and we don't want to squash it. Let the OP's post stand for what it is, and take it for what it's worth. Those who have cruised with RCI before - and most importantly have cruised with RCI recently - know what to believe or to discard. Personally I have been impressed with my last several RCI cruises and feel it is a great product they offer.

Some cruises can be "off" a bit for various reasons. People go on cruises with their expectations not properly set for that cruise line. People get pushed to a cruise by price or an overzealous agent and the guests preferences aren't given due consideration. It happens.

As for me - I'll cruise with Royal Caribbean many many times in the future. I like their product, their ships, and their outstanding service. Others might need to re-evaluate their cruise selection process, or if they even like cruising when you get to the root of it.