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Some people you will never convince. When the "seasick" excuse comes up you can try telling them these are huge "Ships" with stabilizers. That it's not the same as going out on a rough lake in a small fishing boat. Also tell them of the many remedies of wristbands, patches, & pills. If you have cruised before show them pictures of your past cruise. Ask your TA if they have a video/DVD of the ship you are going on, or just an introduction to cruising video. You could have a Cruising Party and invite everyone that's already signed up and those you want to get to sign up. Make the dresscode something cruise oriented "Hawaii shirts/Caribbean". Serve some cruise oriented appetizers. Show the video and have anyone that has cruised before bring their pictures too. The enthusiasm of all the past cruisers will help. Ask your TA is she has or could get a copy of a daily bulletin for whichever ship your going on which you could show your friends all the activities that are scheduled. You TA may also be willing to give you a poster or two to hang at the party.