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...I only buy salmon recommended by the Monteray Bay Aquarium "Seafood Watch"...
The MBA "Seafood Watch" is great if you're worried about the sustainable catch of various species... The problem we're having up here is that the commercial fishermen are getting greedy and want ALL of the allowable catch now. I wouldn't be too opposed to the idea, except that I catch my own food, and depend on the same resources for sport and for my business. In the face of several laws that say the catch must be "fair and equitable" how can anyone justify buying fish when it was caught by the Commercial fleet that monopolizes over 90% of OUR PUBLIC RESOURCE?

If the Alaska Board of Fish and the North Pacific Fisheries Management Council get past even a small fraction of the proposals that are in front of them this month, you will not be allowed to catch a halibut, salmon or rock fish when you do choose to return to this beautiful area!

Keep buying in the stores, and that's the ONLY place you'll be able to get fish within 5 years!

Oh, Happy Alaska Travels!
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