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I've never been one who has a desire to get into the group activities one encounters on a ship. If the belly-flop contest is going on, I'm the guy at the bar totally ignoring it. I don't want to get coerced into joining a conga line - either in the dining room or at the pool. I simply don't like doing them. One thing that has mildly annoyed me on cruises is people who think everyone else needs to get involved - the cheerleaders in essence. The ones who try to use peer pressure to make someone do something they don't want to do. A cruise is supposed to be an individual thing too, and not some mandatory group exercise.

So - although the corny stuff is still done I simply don't participate or even go to it. I prefer listening to music, watching the shows, just sitting around and observing. I do like trivia and am quite good at it if I say so myself. I also like to cook and would be interested a cooking event. I liked horse racing but it seems to have vanished from my favorite cruise lines. HAL used to have a betting pool at some bars where people bet on the ship's position as announced by the Captain at his daily noon update. I liked that too.