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Well thanks to yor post now I can ask about upgrades:

the other day I was checking a few sites, and I found something, as you know I am book for the carnival victory next summer and I book it directly throw carnival site getting a good deal on the price.
But after booking it I check another internet "travel site" and found out they had the same price carnival sold me for the cabin ( same crusing date) but they give you a free upgrade, a two category up than the one I have now for the same price
which as you know
is a better category and a good deal also so,

I call carnival
No take this the wrong way just to ask if there was anyway to get the same deal,
The consumer support was great they even told me they were going to give me the same upgrade and even offer me the cabin number I was looking for and told me to hold until they make the free upgrade,

well I was happy about it is a no brainer

What happen then?

after a few minutes on hold he went back and told me that they can't give me the same offer or the even the free upgrade

I asked why since I am a past guest?
And told him that,
The travel site is giving this option for new cruisers my best guest was that Carnival have at least a good deal for past guest,

They told me that at this moment they don't have past guest specials on my booking and that I have to wait for a future past guest specials in order to get the free upgrade they are already offering on the internet site.

I will be cruising with them no matter I love Carnival and since the price I got is going to be a good deal by the time I will be cruising anyway I will keep my booking

but can someone explain this to me:

how can a travel site give you better offer than the company directly??
why they can't upgrade you if they want to?
They are the company no?
that's escapes my logic but who knows...