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Ok I dont know if I know what I am talking about here. 7 mile beach is where I want to go to. My question is what part of 7 mile beach do I want to go to. I have heard of sea grape beach (is this 7 mile beach??). I just want to go to 7 mile beach that has all of the following, it is safe, I prefer no locals on the beach trying to sell us stuff, a place really really close to buy food and drinks (pop, beer), I'd rather not pay an addmission since it is a public beach. Like I have said before the cruse line has a "beach break" I dont want to go to this because it will be overly crowed and we have to pay for it, oh you do get one drink free (how nice of them) then they rope off a section of beach and make you stay in that roped off section. I just want some space to to speak. I dont know if I was just confusing myslef or what I though that there were different names for the different sections along 7 mile beach. Kind of like Ohio not all parts of ohio are good there are nice spots and crappyer spots all depends on where you go in ohio.