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The word "Formal" should say it all. It does not say "Semi-Formal or Casual". I do not particularly like dressing up anymore as I did years ago but I do take the cue for formal nights. For those who do not want to dress up they should either order room service or eat in the buffet room. It's not fair to those who do dress up to dine with those who do not care. In April we went on the Wind to Hawaii. We chose to skip formal nights and make this a strictly shorts and sandles cruise. We were told that formal nights were optional on this cruise. I asked where we would eat on those nights I was told there would be designated diningrooms for formal and others for casual. This turned out to not be true. All diningrooms were opened to both. I felt bad dining with people who had gone all out and I was dressed casually. They definitely need to seperate the the formals from the casuals.