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I just wanted to tell anyone that is dealing with post cruise dizziness that I found something that is helping me. A few months ago I was diagnosed with vesticular neuritis. It is a virus that attacks your brain stem and makes you dizzy and nauseated. It can last for up to three months and then it gradually goes away. I was at the end of the three months last week when we cruised.
There are certain vesticular exercises that retrain your balance that doctors give you for this virus and when I was reading online about "mal de Debarquement"(post cruise dizziness) a lot of the posts said that the exercises helped. I started doing mine again and its HELPED ALOT!!!!!!!!
Things like:
Turning your head from side to side low and then fast and focusing on something each time you turn. Walking on your tiptoes, slow and then fast. And this seems REALLY STUPID but it helped the most. You know how you turned yourself around and around to feel dizzy as a kid? Well if you do that three or four times a day you will feel sick but as your body adjusts from spinning it will help ALOT> Just walking or exercise is supposed to help to. You can look up Vesticular Exercises on the internet and almost any ear, nose and throat doctor has handouts on it. Hope this helps if you are dealing with it!
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