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I will be going to Cozumel in May. It will be my third time to that Island, on a cruise. Both times in the past, I couldn't help but notice that one of the big items for sale was prescription medication. Every other store in Cozumel had some prescriptions meds for sale. Some of the most popular ones were for male EDS (******, ******, Levitra, etc). I did see a couple meds I take for high blood pressure and cholesterol. I was tempted to purchase some but was weary, so I did not.

I also seen prescription meds for sale in other Caribbean ports of call.

I have heard conflicting advice and opinions about buying such prescription medicine in Cozumel and other ports of call, visited by cruise ships. One of the sales experts (who puts on those shopping advice shows onboard the cruise ship), told me do not purchase those Rx meds. I remember, in the past, that a member here told us he/she frequently did purchase Rx meds there, and they were perfectly safe and the saved money compared to buying them at home.

So what are your opinions with regard to purchasing prescription medication in Cozumel, and other ports of call, while on a cruise?