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Just a word about boarding a bottle in your luggage. If you were to try it and get caught, all they do is hold your luggage, call you to a specific location to open it and confiscate the bottle. They tag the bottle and return it to you on the last night when they bring any duty free that you may have purchased. Although they can deny you boarding, that would be extremely rare and most likely limited to real troublemakers.
The biggest thing is the embarassment of being "caught."
This happened to a friend of mine (on Grandeur, coincidentally) and really it isn't that big a deal, but you can purchase wine packages so it really isn't worth the risk of something breaking in your luggage.
Grandeur was or first cruise in 1998 and we sailed on her again in 2007. We also sailed on Enchantment (Grandeur's sister ship) in Sep. They are beautiful ships. The biggest difference you will notice over Carnival is the layout and decor. RCCL ships are very well laid out and I feel more "sophisticated" in it's decor. I really like Carnival but RCCL is still my favorite.
Have a great cruise.