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Sonny, that works with credits that are offered through the cruiseline for C&A and other purposes. OBC's that are from an agency may or may not show at the cruiseline until very close to sailing time. Often when we buy blocks of cabins there are perks that are given to the agency in the form of points. Sell the first 50 cabins get 21 points per booking. The next 25 booking into the block may get an add'l 6 or 8 points and so on. Then when the block is closed out the points are devided up evenly by the agency among the booking and the agency buys onboard credit and with any add'l points there may be bonus gifts like an 8x10 photo or a dinner at a specialty restaraunt or bottle of champaigne. Different cruiselines have different systems but the type of credit I think Jill is referring to is an agency credit. It may never show up on the cruiselines books until you arrive onboard but when the agency sends their form of a confirmation there is a spot on the conf for onboard credits and other amenities if any apply.

If you're entitled to them based on the advertising (usually a website blurb in red letters) it should be provided in writing when you recieve your confirmation. If there are cruiseline amenities they'll also show on the conf. The only point to all this is, if you don't get it in writing, it's time for a call to the agent. If you don't get it onboard once you have written verification you're entitled to it, it's an easy fix for the agency to get you compensation. I've had errors on my end, I've had cruiseline errors. Once you have it in writing you're going to get it no matter what happened. I've called the ship before and had it added during a clients cruise to fix such issues. When that's not possible a check to the client is the ultimate fix.

Cheers, Neil