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my family just got back from the Liberty of the Seas, and had some very sad news to report....they witnessed a drowning while spending the day at Orient Beach.....there was a couple (60ish?) there who had gone for a swim....they both got stuck in a strong rip tide and got into trouble, and apparently were calling for help for a while before anyone heard them....eventually a few people saw them, and my dad along with a few others jumped in to dad said he grabbed the woman, and the tide was so strong that he was almost swept out he was able to rescue her, but the man went under before people could grab him....he was eventually brought out, entirely blue, and they unsuccessfully tried to revive him....apparently the level of medical assistance could have been better - i believe it was a mix of tourists and locals, all trying to do their best, though eventually an ambulance arrived....the woman was of course in hysterics, and it was a bit traumatic for everyone who saw it (i wasnt on the cruise, but just HEARING the story was traumatic)

they werent sure if the couple was alone, or if they had other friends/family members with them....its just scary how something like that can happen....i briefly googled for a news report, but didnt see anything (not that i expected to find anything)

i guess the point to take away from this are that you need to be careful when swimming in the ocean, especially in an area where the lifeguard system may not be as good as what you are used to.....people should also be aware of how to spot a rip tide (though you often cant see them), and how to react if caught in one (do NOT fight it...stay CALM, swim parallel to the shore, try to get peoples attention, and wait for it to let go of you).....i guess this is also an argument for travel insurance, because terrible things can happen when you least expect it (no, it wont bring him back, but it might make certain things go more smoothly for the woman as she deals with this tragedy)

need to keep the woman and their family in our prayers
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