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playmia had some little damage but it was nothing major, all the shops and the large restuarant and all facilities are up and going as with the masages, snorkling etc. we were there jan. 8th cruise on miracle had a great time as always they (Carnival) have a new tour on the ship for playa mia its a cooking class, we did not find out about it till we got to the place, we do not do tours on ship as we venture out on our own, but the cooking class looked like a blast, they serve you Margaritas thru-out the afternoon, and when you are done you sit at a festive table set with mexican decor and wine and eat your prepared meal and then you have about 1 1/2 hour beach time, or whatever you want to do they only take about 18 to 20 in a group I will be looking at this tour next time we cruise as they were having a ball. enjoy Fran