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Its really interesting to see the feedback and comments on the NCL ads.

I think Ron Clark is correct. The cruise lines have to have scheduled events, like pool games, bingo, the main shows, and have scheduled events for the bulk of the pasengers. We have schedules in our own daily lives. NCL truely lets you dine at your leisure. We never had any fixed times to dine on the Pearl and we dined at our own schedule or when finding new friends, we ate at a compromised time like 6:30 PM. After we had a usual 2 hour dinner, we had plenty of time to change clothes, get relaxed and still see the last show. In fact we found the last show was best for us, while many choose to see the early show, then eat later. One couple that we meet from the upscale CourtYard Villa never attended any of the shows. So its what you want to do.

NCL is just trying to make a point, "don't look at your watch, dine when you want", while cruise lines make you select the seating times when making the cruise reservation.

Its plain and simple, and looks the ads are effective, especially in light that some viewers are reacting as strongly as they are right here on these small message boards.

The ads made you aware of at least something, and thats what advertising is all about. When I saw them on the ship, all of them, I really liked them, and thought immediately, yes we can dine when we want. NCL makes it so easy. Thats why we will be back on the Pearl May 20th, 2007 to Alaska.

They are "simply irreistable".