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I am currently listening to a teleconference with major news about the line formerly known as Azamara Cruises. Effective today the brand is now called "Azamara Club Cruises". The line will be rolling out several changes as they remake the brand.

"You'll Love Where We Take You" is their new slogan. This has dual meanings, with both the destination and the shipboard experience being key.

Starting in April 2010 the line will include coffees, soda and dining room/cabin gratuities in the cruise price. Butler and concierge services will also be offered.

They are "slowing down" the cruises by having more ports where they will stay late or overnight. One example given was the ship booking tables at a 3-star Michelin restaurant in France for guests to use.

Destination Immersion was a phrase used.

Azamara Club Cruises is taking their small niche brand into a new category. They didn't like using the terms "luxury" or "upscale" but in essence that is where they are headed. Pricing will increase to reflect the changes.

In another area, they announced Azamara Club Cruises will have it's own loyalty club "Le Club Voyage" (say Voy Ah ggg). My understanding is that it will not allow equal recognition from members of the RCI and Celebrity loyalty programs. Program details are not yet finalized.