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A bit of trivia if you didn't know - The four sister ships are the compass points. Noordam-North, Oosterdam - East, Zuiderdam - South, Westerda
Thanks to both of you for the input. We have done the Zaandam, and the Volendam from Vancouver.Loved both ships and crew. We love Alaska, but would like something a little different. Sailing from Seattle we lose Tracy's Arm Glacier Bay, and Skayway. We add Hubbard Bay, Victoria, and Sitka.
We love Skagway, but will welcome Sitka for a change of pace. Same with Glacier Bay for Hubbard. Victoria we did before and have done by land. Other reason for leaving from Seattle is our Son is station in Oak Harbor, just a few hours from port.
We are a little concerned about the Big Ship feel, but it sounds like that might not be an issue.

Cruise Photos from Mexico and Alaska