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Originally posted by Dave Beers:
What I don't understand is why people continue to cheerlead a program which no longer accepts new members and will wither on the vine for those already under contract.
You are so right, Dave.

I guess I was so adamant about telling the truth about that horrible program because of the story of the elderly man and the affect on his life from these liars. To watch a man who has worked hard all his life to have his dignity stolen .... just broke my heart. And for some cheeleader to tell that poor elderly gentleman that the only "problem" was that he was not "smart enough" to book it properly is outrageous.

To personally witness people being lied to (time and time again) on EVERY cruise we went on that had a CVC office was more than I could tolerate. Then to read story after story on here from every day folks who were just looking for a little more for their vacation dollar.

There is a reason the Attorney General BANNED the sale of this product to their State's residents. And it was not because it was a "wonderful product".

Again, thankfully Carnival stopped this mess and got out before their reputation was as horrible as ICE's.

Just another word of warning....ICE also operates the SeaMiles program and guess what...I have first hand experience of them lying to me. So it is no longer "hearsay"!!
We have had the Carnival credit card since it came out years ago and it was a wonderful program. Sadly, it is now just another ICE joke.

That credit card is cancelled and in the trash!
(thankfully along with the CVC program)