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Originally posted by CJO:
Thanks to you all for the info. It is our 25th anniversary and the same for a couple were going with. It all looks so fun (and expensive) but it might be the only time we get there. We'll definitely do the White Pass Railroad, the rest is up in the air. My wife wants to helicopter and dog sled, I'd like to fish. The zip line and kayaking sound like fun. Of course we'll be taking a million pics, I talked my wife into buying a new Cannon digital camera as the lenses from our 35mm will fit it. Seeing our itinerary if any of you have suggestions that fit in well with port times all info. will be greatly appreciated. BTW after hearing from you I'm sure we'll be doing itinerary 1 on the Golden Princess.
Now you are talking, Canon is my camera of choice. I am sure you checked it out but not all 35mm lens will fit digital cameras. You will probably need an "EF" lens. Also you will probably lose a little in focal length. Most digital camera are cropped sensors. In Canon that means 1.6 cropped. That means if you have a 24mm lens it will be a 38-39mm on a cropped sensor.
Take lots of storage and take lots of photos they are cheap.
BTW which Canon did you get?
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