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No, not THAT kind of pusher, no police knocking at your door.

Once upon a time there was in East Europe a girl, whose name sounded in english something like “Andy”.
Sadly there was an ending civil war there too.
On a bad day, as she was walking with a schoolmate in the Uni Campus yard they were caught in a crossfire. Her friend got injuried, and watching her dress turning quickly deep red Andy felt she had to leave as soon as possible.
Reached Italy in her early twenties, had to restart everything from the beginning.

She learnt italian and got an italian university degree, studying and doing little jobs to pay her bills. Years passed, Andy still shares a room in a flat with other girls.
She decided to become a lawyer, specialized in social security issues: you must spend two years as a tyro in a law firm for free and then you have to pass a hard double examination session.
First part is a written test, the most difficult: three days, three simulated trials. Getting a positive evaluation (al least six out of ten), you can go to the last step, the oral exam.
That’s where Andy’s at now, she’s scheduled for september.

But … I heard her on the phone the other day (she lives more than 500 miles from me), she cries, she thinks she’ll never get out of it.
And not only that: in a few days it will be her birthday, she’ll step into 30’s … and you know how low girls get as they realize they definitely aren’t girls any longer.

So, she’s as a biker climbing a mountain: Andy’s seeing the finish line, but feels all the strength has dried up.
Need a little push.
Need a little of encouragement.
Think of Lance Armstrong on his way to Alpe d’Huez … and all those fans screaming loudly and pushing him.

That’s what I’d like you all to do … I don’t ask you for prayers, I know it’s far better leaving them to all those poor people who really are ill and dying.
But I know you can although help Andy to feel strong, to conquer her “top of the hill”, to reach her 2009 European edition of the good old “American dream” … simply cheering her up.
Scream, push, make noise the louder you can …

Thanks you all.
And of course in the end … free Medicare suing for everyone !