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Yea I know what you mean The choice was made when #3 Son and Family wanted to return to Yellowstone. Got to see those Grandkids . We would love to take them on a cruise, but there is just not enough $ to do that now.
Last year we paid less than $99.00 a day for the 3brdrm 2 bath condo. Plus it has a laundry room. It is large enough to hold all of us, and we can even squeeze in the other kids if they can come.
It is a fairly new condo (2007)but with renters coming and going little things happen. When we arrived I noticed a hinge on a closet was loose. Got out my tool box and was able to fix it. During the 11 days my wife keep a short list going. I fixed all the things, they were all minor. I guess the Condo owner was happy and this year offered to give us a very nice break.
We just can not beat the price for a vacation anywhere. True we have to cook a few times, but that is okay. Plus we just loved the Yellowstone area. It is amazing. I would highly recommend it. If this last part is a no no someone delete it in a hurry. If anyone wants information on the Driggs Condo let me know and I will answer any questions you might have. We rented this last year, and now this year. That is our only involvement with the condo.
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