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It was a wonderful ship and yes I do indeed wish I was back on and am already figuring out when I can get back on a Costa! No they did not do "tour of the regions" but that could be because they were busy creating a terrific New Years Eve! THEY MADE IT SNOW!! At 11:30, Max the cruise director announced to be in the Atrium to see it snow..and it did..snow machines up in the rafters were at work for a half hour before they did the midnight thing. One formal night they gave champaine and a caviar starter to everyone. AND TOGA NIGHT WAS AWESOME...they turned the typical guest talent night into an outrageous and fun event.. I cannot rave enough about my time on board.
And yes is sad, selfish, and self centered on those who think they only exist. I was so annoyed listening to this one couple..loudly and I mean loudly insulting those around them..and go and on about how it was too Italian... and that they should be more Americanized... and that the food was garbage...COULD YOU IMAGINE! Shame Shame on those people.