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For those who want to know....

Carnival's Platinum (on your 10th cruise) level gives you:

1. VIP Check In and Debarkation
2. Carnival Logo Item (usually a nice beach bag)
3. Free Wash and Fold (as many times as you need it)
4. Free Slots or Blackjack tournament entry
5. Concierge Line at the Purser's Desk
6. Priority Tendering at ports that use the tenders instead of docking
7. Guaranteed Dining Time (which is nice for us since we have to eat at 5:45pm)
8. Priority Spa Appointments
9. Private "Behind the Scene" tour of just Platinum members.
10. Canapes one night delivered to your cabin.
11. Petit Fours one night delivered to your cabin.
12. Personalized Stationary waiting in your cabin.
13. Past cruisers discount on future cruises.

All in all, considering the inexpensive price we pay for Carnival cruises...I believe their Loyality program is just about right in line.

We are actively campaigning for them to add an Elite (Black) card for 25+ cruises. And we have given them some "suggestions" as to the additional perks we would like.