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Ah yes, the Blackjack player who thinks everyone should play by his "rules" and if they don't THEY are the reason he is loosing. I have encountered many people like that. (I love to play blackjack) and not just on cruise ships, but in every casino I have been in. Like 29dawgs said, he wasn't being forced to play at that table (unless there were no other tables open) he could have moved.

I have never seen someone get to the point of cussing like that to the dealer or the other players, but in Vegas, he would have been out the door before he got the chance to cuss at the dealer.

Sometimes I think to myself that "that person SHOULD have hit and then we would have all won" but never have I said it out loud and in reality, for every hand where that is true, there are equal number of hands where not playing the "correct" way has worked in favor of the table too.

Sorry it ruined your day. More often than not, I'll be winning like you say and someone with a negative attitude will sit down and blow the karma for the whole table. I'll just stop playing until they leave (or I'll leave) But even more fun is when the karma killer is loosing and you are winning. Makes them more mad and they either leave or provide great entertainment!

So your last day was ruined.. best cure for that is to book a "replacement" cruise!
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