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Hi Ron,
If Long Beach had left the ship intact, the Queen Mary would have made even more money than it is right now, due in part to the fact that the developers in 1968-1971 remove so much of the ship's powertrain and lower decks.

The Big U has great potential to become a 5-Star Hotel ship and museum. If the SS Norway is saved, then the Big U is next on the list.

Another ship that I love to see get saved is the MV Augustus because of it close association to the Andrea Doria. If someone wants an idea of what the Andrea Doria looked like in its heyday, the Augustus is the closest ship that the world will ever get to that ship.

Too many good ships have gone to the scrapyard in recent years. It's time to turn back the clock and spear a few ships from that dreadful fate. There is still time to save the following:

SS Norway
SS United States
SS Independence
MV Augustus

There might be other ships as well. I didn't add the QE2 because it's not in any danger at this time. That's all for now.
Dan Lague
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