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I think your going in April, we will be on board Feb 8th we do have res for Murano and Tuscan Gill cover charge was $30 ea on one and $25 on the other. My TA told me not to miss going to Bistro on 5, this one has a $5 cover but she said it was wonderful so we'll be there too.
I will have to report when we return. As far as the excursions that is a tough one for me because I love the water and my husband is not a water or beach person at all, so we are going to the Rain Forest in St Kitts and the rest is still up in the air. What is your favorite things to do? I always have to sit and read about each one a few times and than narrow it dow some. Hope some of this helps. Oh, my friends went to Labadee and loved it, it is a private Island and they said it was like Disney Land
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