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I can't believe it but I just got the best deal ever. I've been on Norwegian before and I was planning on another trip to the Caribbean for Spring Break with my family. I was searching on the websites and found one referred by my friend and did my usual to get quotes from several places. It is so true that only certain companies due get better prices. I had a great consultant that worked on my trip like crazy, and I really bugged her with all requests. I was so pleased with the effort and I originally got a quote that was a deal and since I didn't book right away I lost the quote but my consultant found another deal right away and put a hold on it for me while she emailed me about he new quote. The new quote was actually $100 more than my previous quote, but it was a better deal and I have an outside cabin too now! I'm so happy I saved so much more than my last trip. Anyone else want to know where I found my deals from, I'm willing to share: