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So I'm a 23 year-old guy, single, and am thinking of a cruise for my first vacation in the post-collegiate "real working world."

I'm not desperately looking to find a lifelong Ms. Right on a ship, but I would like to meet singles on board (preferably around my age), have a great time on the cruise, and if things work out beyond the cruise, that's even better.

Originally, I was thinking of a Bermuda cruise, simply because so many leave from Cape Liberty (almost walking distance from my apartment) and New York (quick subway ride), versus paying extra to fly to a ship. But after reading a lot of the reviews, it seems like the shorter Bahamas cruises (such as those on Carnival's Fascination) are the ones which have the most singles my age on board. The rates look pretty good--even with travel cost to Florida and a singles' supplement it wouldn't break the bank for me.

So I guess my questions are:
1) I've browsed sites for third-party-organized (i.e. VTG) singles cruises, and while I noticed that they attract broad ranges of singles, does that include an appreciable percentage of people in their 20s? Or are the structured cruise events generally for other age groups?
1a) If the organized events are mostly for a different age range, are ship-sponsored singles events a good bet (and are they standard on most cruise ships?)?
2) Best times of the year for a cruise such as this?
3) Any other reccommendations? Things I should look out for?
4) Best done traveling solo or with a friend?

Sorry this is long, just wanted to throw it all on the table at once. Thanks in advance for your advice!