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I just got off the Pride of America, and I would have to agree with most of what you state.

The following is a copy of an E-Mail which is going to NCL corporate. I would encourage NO-ONE to sail on the Pride of America, anytime. Bear in mind that the below complaints were written before I came across this chat-room.

As fairly experienced "cruisers", my Wife and I booked a one-week Hawaian Island cruise aboard the 4-1/2 star "Pride of America", sailing from Honolulu on January 20, 2007. We took my 80-year old father along, who uses an electric scooter to get around. Our assigned cabins were #9652 and my Father's was #4522. (We had to pay double for my Father since NCL do not offer any kind of discount, nor do they have a "singles-share" program).

Everything seemed great once we were aboard at around 5:30PM for our 8:00PM departure, but as it turned out, things weren't quite as great as we were led to believe. Rather than make an essay of this, I am listing the complaints and issues we encountered that week in point form. Some of them are arguably insignificant, but together they add up to an disappointing holiday when compared to other ships we have been on.

My luggage was held by "security" because it contained a bottle of Whiskey. I had to line up and claim the luggage along with about 100 other people, and my Whiskey was confiscated until 6:00PM on the last evening, whereupon I had to again line up with the 100 people to get it back. That's about 100 people who won't be sailing NCL again.

Confiscating liquor is all very well, but why was it returned well before we disembarked? I like to take a cocktail in my cabin before dinner. The ship does not sell bottles of Whiskey on board. Which raises the question: What is the purpose of the Ice Bucket in our cabin?

We were not called upon to participate in lifeboat drill either on the day we boarded, or at any other time.

In-cabin movies were chargeable to our on-board account at $9.95 each, a completely ridiculous amount.

The TV on which were were to watch these movies was a tiny 14" diagonal unit.

The Aloha Restaurant was not open 24 hours as indicated in the Cabin Guide, but three times daily.

Access to the main restaurant(s) was through a single corrodor about 10 feet wide and 70 feet long, which held all the photographs for purchase. This often made for a very difficult traverse, particularly for my father and his electric scooter.

The staff in the main restaurants were variously experienced. One of our bottles of white wine was opened by a girl who confessed she had "never done this before", and then proceeded to pour each of us a glassful while standing in the same spot at the table, after which she plonked the half-empty bottle down in the middle of the table. I eventually had to ask her for an ice bucket.

The flowers on the dining table were plastic. We were in Hawaii, for heaven's sake !!

The food on board was below par for what should be a fine dining experience. On one evening, the only meat choices in the Aloha restaurant were Turkey or Lamb. No fish, beef, pork, or chicken was available.

The "entertainment" in the Hollywood Theatre consisted of:
Piano Bar Singer impersonating Elton John
Stand-Up Comic (2 nights running).
Magician who performed a total of 4 cheap slight-of-hand tricks over a span of 45 minutes.
Crew Talent Show
Passenger Talent Show
"Production Show Extravaganza" on the last night consisted of 6 people singing various songs, including "God Bless America"

On the day we tendered, the hoist mechanism to help my father get onto the tender was broken, so crew members carried him bodily onto the tender, which was somewhat humiliating for him.

There were no Ice Sculptures

There were no Midnight Chocolate Buffets, or "Chocaholic Extravaganzas" or whatever

There were no Culinary Displays where people take lots of photographs of amazing displays of exquisitely presented food

There was no Champagne Waterfall

There was no "Celebration" or organised "Party" or "Dance on Deck" or even a "Barbeque" of any kind at any time. Why was there no Luau?

The Band playing at the poolside were well below average.

There were no robes in the balcony cabins.

Our Cabin Steward was forever in our way, particularly when we returned from breakfast. But on at least two occasions, our cabin was not made up until after lunch. On many other cruises, we hardly ever saw our Cabin Steward.

My father complained about his cabin's cleanliness the day we left the ship (Which was too late to do anything). He got clean towels only once the whole week, and his bed made only once. His garbage can was never emptied, nor was his room ever vacuumed (A broken pretzel was on the floor from the previous passengers the whole week). He thought that that was standard practice, so did not mention it to us. And when we complained to Purser's Desk about it, they said they could not adjust the gratuity for us. (Aren't gratuities supposed to be for exceptional service?)

I would have to give the service, food and entertainment a maximum of 2 stars for this ship. It certainly did not live up to the 4-1/2 star rating as advertised by NCL. The ship itself was beautiful and modern, but the overall cleanliness and service was certainly not up to the standards that we have come to expect from modern cruiseliners. We had sailed NCL 5 times previously, but we will NOT cruise with NCL again, nor encourage friends or family to sail with NCL.