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I agree the paper tags are flimsy and have a good chance of getting torn off if not re-inforced. However; there is a reason to put them on before you get to the pier. If the airline loses your luggage, it will have a better chance of catching up with you on the cruise if the ship tag is on the luggage. It also helps the cruise line track it down faster. Also, certain destinations like Alaska, on cruisetours the cruise line may be collecting your luggage for you at the airport. The airlines are used to the cruise tags and it's really no different than other ID tags on the bag. The tags that the airlines really hate, are when people think it's cool to keep 10 airline destination tags on their luggage from past trips. It slows down luggage retrieval and makes it very difficult for the airlines to sort through which is the correct destination for your current trip. Always tear off any old tags.