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Guten Morgen from Germany,

Warnemuende cruise center is located two minutes walk from

Railways Station
Warnow River Boat Station.

The nicest way to see Rostock will be to use the Warnow River to enter Rostock:

Unfortunately the website of Rostocker Flotte (operator of river boats) is only available in German.

But if the weather is nice the boats operates every 30-60 minutes. It takes approx. 60 minutes to Rostock STADTHAFEN (City port = Point 19 on map) which is about 7-8 minutes walking distance from pedestrian zone in old town.

Transfer 7 EUR. Leaving from Cruise-Center (= Point 8 on map).

Getting back from Rostock would be easier to use the S-train which operates between every 15-30 minutes (depending to the day time). The trains starts from Rostock HAUPTBAHNHOF (= Central station). Transit time 20 minutes. Follow a white "S" in a green circle (= Commuter trains in Rostock, Berlin and Hamburg).

A single ticket from Rostock Old Town Area via Central Station to Warnemuende (inkl. tram and train) is 1,60 EUR. Day pass is available for 3,20 EUR and Groups of 5 pay 9,60 EUR. you can check also in English on the website of of Rostocker Straßenbahn (operator of public transport in Rostock).

The train just go to Warnemuende. You cannot make anything wrong.

When you leave the train:

just get downstairs to the tunnel and after the tunnel you reach the quay. Just turn right to the cruise terminal.

That's the view from the deck of our cruise ship LILI MARLEEN in the cruise terminal and you see the distances:

Where you see the word ANLEGER:

There is at the waterfront the terminal for the river boats to Rostock. And to the left between the trees it's the tunnel to the station (= BAHNHOFSGEBÄUDE). Left you see the word TERMINAL. That's the end of the Terminal area. If you dock on pier 8 it's three minutes more walking.

I would highly recommend to use a car rental of HERTZ (just next to the cruise ferry building) to get to Berlin or to use the shore excursions!

Driving in Germany is easy as in the US. Berlin traffic is not worse than driving in New York!

Actually there are railway construction works between Rostock and Berlin and therefore you have only every two hours a train from Rostock Central Station to Berlin Central Station.

It takes 2 hrs 42 minutes from Rostock Hbf (plus transfer time from Warnemünde). Single ticket available from 31,90 EUR but only regional trains (You should have your picknick basket with you.). Saver-Return tickets available as advance purchase (also from Internet) at 30,00 EUR. The big advantage: The brand new Berlin Central Station is located in the heart of all tourist attractions like Dome of German Paliament building (Reichstag) and Brandenburg Gate. So even if only 3 hours is left I would do the tour.

You will find

Deutsche Bahn (Schedule and tickets of German Railways)
Impression of the new Central Station in Berlin incl. location map etc.
BVG (Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe / operator of public transport in Berlin)
Reichstag (Parliament building incl. Dome - admission free!!!)
Berlin Tourist Office

All websites have English links.

And for all homesick people: Berlin does not have only US food chains like KFC, Mc Donald's or Burger King but also TONY ROMA's or FRIDAY's. So anybody cannot see anymore food on the ship...

As I lived for 8 years in Berlin I know you will have a good time. But even Rostock and Warnemünde itself is very nice. Here you find more on the website of Rostock. As Warnemünde is not indepentent but neighbourhood of Rostock you will find all attractions also on Rostock's website: Old town with old houses. Beautiful former fishery village with today's beach resorts... (The same what you will see in Gdansk, Tallinn, Helsinki etc... typical Baltic Sea Architecture from the time of Hansa (Union of trade cities at the Baltic)) but German.

You can also go easily to Hamburg from Rostock. It's only 1 hrs 50 minutes by train from Rostock Central Station.

If you need something special requested like schedule of river boats etc. feel free to send me a PM with your special request and I can check with the boat operator for you.

Herzlich Willkommen in Deutschland -
Welcome to Germany
and have a good time!