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For some reason my 13yo son didn't want to see the perfume factory! I think you may have to come back and tell us how it was. I don't think Mom's going to miss it.

We wanted to do the glass bottom excursion, but it was cancelled due to high winds. It was slated to leave right there from the dock. The access looked very easy.
There's a train that runs around the dockyard, but I think it ends around 7:30 so you may have to walk back after the excusion.
We went to horshoe beach. It was a walk down hill, but as many have said, there's a van that will run you up or down the hill for 2 dollars.
Once on the beach you can rent chairs and umbrellas. Lot's of people were sitting inside the caves to block both the sun and the wind.

As for how to celebrate your honeymoon, I'd definately go with the breakfast in bed, or maybe a romantic dinner in Portofino's. A spa day for two, heck, how about a crusie to Bermuda!
Have a great time. Don't forget to leave your stress at home, you won't be needing it.

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