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Originally posted by IslandCruz:

I used a TracFone on a cruise a while back and it never deducted any points from my total.
Larry, which ports did it work? I use one too, and it said "no service" all the time when the ship was out at sea. It didn't work at Belize or on Roatan. It has worked on Key West before, I don't recall trying it on Cozumel though.



Hey Dwyane,

I have not found a port aside from Key West where it would work. It worked on the ship at sea that one cruise where they did not deduct any points, the next cruise I tried it on it did not work. I have that as a backup phone and only cary it on trips for emergency use. That does not seem like much of a plan for cruises though since it does not work in any of the foreign ports.

My AT&T iPhone seems to work most everywhere.
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