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Dear Carol,

Thank you for replying in such depth - it is really kind of you and we do appreciate it very much.

I note your comments regarding the $10 first night offer in the speciality restaurant - do you know if you can book it before you get on board, or do you have to take a chance when you first arrive?

We will sit in the quiet area by the pool and have a massage at the main pool - but is it private? Don't fancy being mauled around in public.

If you leave the beach to take one of the excursions what happens to your belongings? Do you have to take them with you or is there a staff member who will take them for safekeeping?

Tipping - $140 charged to your account for a couple seems a lot of money. We would sooner tip the individuals who looked after us and deserve it - also would it not be advisable to tip a nominal amount of the beginning to cement relationships? We would like to do this and not have to have the fixed amount charged to our account. Can you do this?

Again, thank you for your help and going into such a lot of details. Looking forward to your reply at your convenience. Best wishes Angela and Kevin (London)