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On behalf of the owners and management of cruise-chat, I am pleased to announce the appointment of two new moderators. Long time members LisaP and IslandCruz have joined the staff of this forum and I must say I am thrilled to greet them!

LisaP is a long time internet friend of mine. She and I ran the forum for many years, until it became dormant and was subsequently purchased by Tom Ogg. I am so happy to welcome Lisa aboard and once again have the opportunity to work with her!

IslandCruz (aka Dwayne) is another long time member of cruise-chat. He has always been helpful and has vast knowledge of the Carnival brand. He will be a welcome addition to the cruise-chat team.

I encourage everyone to welcome Lisa and Dwayne aboard and support them in their new roles.

More moderator announcements will be forthcoming! Stay tuned!