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Originally posted by Billy in FLL:
I agree with Dave whole-heartedly!! You couldn't pay me to go to Nassau or San Juan. I think the fact that cruiselines still cruise there is an excuse to complete an itinerary. Yea Paradise Island is nice and parts of San Juan are okay, but not for me. There are parts of the Carribean I would much rather go. St Kitts, St Vincent, Tortuga, etc.

I will not even cruise if the itinerary calls on the Nassau's or San Juan's of the world. And I think a lot of people are in the same boat as me. (No pun intended)

Last year I was re-routed to these islands due to Wilma and a bunch people did not even get off the ship. As popular as cruising is now, eventually, things will taper off on these itineraries. Too many people have gone to these islands, and don't want to go back. The cruiselines need to act on this now and change their itineraries.

Now that I have completed my editorial, look at the Western Carrib. sailing that the Valor does. The only "hot spot" is Grand Cayman. I'm on this sailing 10/1/2006, only because of the itinerary. No Nassau or San Juam. Thank God!!

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Thanks Billy but we did Western last year. We did enjoy, just looking for our next itinerary.