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I recently switched cruise lines all together for my up coming cruise and am hoping it was the right move. Me, my husband, my mother and step father were booked on NCL Sky Jan 11-15, out of Miami. I recently cancelled that cruise and switched to Carnival Pride Jan 10-17 out of Baltimore. My husband and mother hate to fly but would for the cruise, and I am not thrilled to fly in Jan out of NY myself. Going out of Baltimore we could drive down that day or even the day before my Uncle lives there. I also like the fact that we went from a 4 day to a 7 day cruise (more days of room service).

I did give up my aft balcony cabin on the Sky for an inside on the Pride, can't afford that cabin on the Pride cruise, that did hurt alittle to book that cabin after having a balcony.

I have been on 4 cruises already 2 Princess, 1 Celebrity, and 1 NCL, this is my mothers first and probably only cruise, so I am glad that it is longer for her. She just wants to enjoy the ship and is not concerned about the stops.

Since we have never been on Carnival I am wondering what to expect. I know all criuse lines have good and bad about them. I am wondering about the ship itself, I see it is a very narrow ship, and am wondering about movement on it because of that. Are the cabins any smaller on the Pride compared to the Sky?
How are the restaurants on the Pride?

I am looking forward to hearing from everyone who has been on the Pride and will give me the ins and outs of the ship.